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Rhode Island Divorce Attorney

Practicing family law demands compassion and a willingness to listen to people. At Moyer Law Office, we realize some of the most intimate and emotional elements of peoples’ lives are involved. That’s why our RI divorce and family law attorney takes every step necessary to respond to the entire human scope of our clients’ cases – especially where children are involved. Committed to helping people find a way out of harmful and potentially destructive situations, we are sensitive to what is best for children.

Attorney Don P. Moyer will not compromise when a child’s best interests are at stake in a custody, visitation, or a support hearing. A skillful negotiator, Attorney Moyer has over 14 years experience as a litigator and will aggressively defend your rights in court.

Advice You Can Trust

Through the years, we have built our RI family law practice with referrals from clients who have learned to trust us. By being there, answering questions, taking calls, and carefully planning for different possibilities, our lawyers offer a level of confidence clients need to obtain piece of mind. We ensure that our clients are informed, and that you understand what is needed to prepare your case and succeed in court. Our responsive and detailed work ethic has earned our past clients trust and confidence, many of whom send their friends and family to us for legal services.

We’re Here for You

If you’ve just been informed that your spouse wants a divorce, don’t wait and try to sort things out before you call an attorney. Taking action immediately to protect your rights is crucial in matters pertaining to child custody, visitation, even property and assets. Obviously, you may reconcile with your spouse at a future date. In the meantime, however, the our RI divorce lawyer is here to answer questions and initiate legal proceedings to protect your interests.

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