Relocating Your Children To or From Rhode Island

Often, during a divorce or custody dispute, a parent chooses to relocate to another state with a child. This move may be for the benefit of one of the parents and for the child, such as increased standard of living or improved opportunities.  On the other hand, a move can damage the important relationship with the parent being left behind. At Moyer Law, PC, our attorneys have the extensive experience necessary to assert the rights of clients who wish to relocate out of Rhode Island with their children, as well as for those seeking to prevent a relocation.

You have an obligation to ensure you child’s interests are protected in a interstate child relocation case. Contact our relocation attorney for information if you are working to relocate or to stop a child from being relocated.



Child Relocation Requires an Attorney with Experience

Attorney Moyer is experienced in handling child relocation cases during the process of divorce, after divorce, and during stand-alone custody disputes. These types of situations can be the most complex, difficult, and costly litigation situations as they require an extensive discovery process and the frequent use of expert witnesses. Parental relocation cases are extremely difficult and technical, requiring the precision and care of an experienced RI lawyer. A sample of the common issues that arise in relocation cases is as follows:

  • How is the child’s adjustment to home and school?
  • What is their relationship with all of the family members involved?
  • What are the underlying reasons for the move?
  • What is the underlying reason for objecting?
  • How far is the proposed move?
  • What is the proposed new visitation schedule?
  • Who is responsible for the cost of travel for the children?

Our lawyers can help. Out of state relocation is a life changing event and should not be left to an inexperienced attorney. Our relocation lawyer will fight for you, and your child’s, best interest. Contact Attorney Don P. Moyer by email or call us at (401) 461-7800 to schedule an initial consultation.