We Fight to Protect Your Children

Child custody is probably the most emotional and important issue for parents facing divorce. Moyer Law, PC child custody lawyers are extremely knowledgeable on Rhode Island family laws regarding parenting and custody. Our experienced lawyers have successfully represented over a thousand clients in Rhode Island in divorces and other family law actions involving contested and complex child custody cases. Our top custody lawyer understands that child custody cases are often highly emotional, and we specialize in providing strong but sensitive representation to help families quickly reach resolution in these difficult matters.



Attorney Don Moyer has extensive experience developing, preparing, and negotiating parenting agreements that are in the best interests of the child or children and that protect the rights and best interest of the client. We provide representation in private negotiations, divorce mediation and litigation of disputes related to a variety of child custody issues throughout RI, including living arrangements, relocation, visitation, parental decision-making regarding education, medical care and financial considerations. Issues of joint custody, shared custody, or split custody for children may arise also.

Understand your Child Custody Options

To reach a child custody agreement, many people don’t know where to start. It can be difficult to move beyond the emotions at hand to come to consensus. Moyer Law Office’s experienced RI child custody attorney will guide you through the process in a manner that is sensitive to your case. Our lawyer will carefully explain the legal procedure, as well as your rights and options.

Protecting Your Custody and Visitation Rights

If you are contemplating a divorce or other family law action that involves child custody, you need a lawyer.