Getting a divorce is not easy. At Moyer Law, PC we work closely with our clients and will guide you through the divorce process from start to finish. Attorney Moyer will answer your questions and protect your rights during this difficult time period.

Divorces can be fairly simple, or extremely complex. Our divorce lawyer has years of experience helping well over a thousand clients with their divorce matters. Attorney Moyer will take the time to understand your goals and learn about you as a person. Our divorce lawyer will never lose sight of the fact that we are here to fight for a better future for our clients. Our Rhode Island firm can aggressively represent you in all divorce matters, including issues such as:

Our Approach to Divorce & Separation

At your initial divorce meeting, our attorney will guide you though a review of the issues that often arise in Rhode Island divorces, ensuring you know where you stand and what to expect in your divorce case.

During your case, Attorney Moyer actively ensures you are kept involved at each stage of the legal process. Our lawyer will continually conduct cost-benefit analysis assessments of various options facing you in your divorce, so that you can make smart decisions, not just costly, emotional ones. We constantly assesses your goals and the opportunity cost of trying to reach them. In support or your goals, our RI divorce lawyer will aggressively and diligently represent you at trial, yet take the time to see if a favorable negotiated settlement is possible. You are in charge of whether your path is one of settlement in the end, or allowing the court to decide the outcome.

We encourage you to review the helpful articles on RI divorce located in our FAQS section, and also to try our proprietary child support calculator.

Contact Our Law Firm

If you are contemplating filing for divorce, our skilled attorneys can help represent your rights. The lawyers at Moyer Law, PC utilize their many years of divorce experience and knowledge to effectively represent each client. Email Attorney Moyer for your initial case assessment, or call us at (401) 461-7800 now.