Child Parenting Plan Value in Rhode Island

Child Parenting Plan Value in Rhode Island

Why Have a Child Parenting Plan?

For any couple that has children and have decided to divorce, one of the most important aspects of that divorce will be determining the custody arrangements for their child or children. The standard that Rhode Island courts will apply is that the custody arrangement must be in the best interests of the child. Of course, in a divorce, each parent may have a very different idea what that constitutes that “best interest.”

However, a conflict between the parents is certainly not in the child’s best interest, so when you are thinking of the elements of a parenting plan for your child, you should do so from the perspective of how to minimize conflict and reduce stress on your child and yourself.

Creating a comprehensive parenting plan allows you to work through many of the situations that will occur throughout the year. And this will help you to think about how you will deal with them. For instance, how will you divide major and minor holidays? Or school breaks or summer vacation?

How will you decide with your child’s other parent the choice of their school, doctors and their extracurricular activities? How will decision-making authority for medical issues and emergencies be handled? What will be the weekly living arrangement? Will you alternate days or weeks? Or will one parent have primary custody and the other parent will only see the child on certain weekends or during specified times?

Find Solutions Before There Is a Problem

Working with your attorney, look at a calendar and your work schedule to see what times would work. Proposing an alternating-week custody schedule may be unrealistic if you or your former spouse have jobs where travel is required during 40 percent of a month. Mediation is another option.

A well-thought out and viable parenting plan can help set the proper expectations of all the parties. You will have the tools for dealing with the inevitable issues that will arise. It can provide a mechanism to keep your relationship civil and prevent conflicts from getting out of control.


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