How Long Does a Simple Divorce Take?

Uncontested Divorce in RI

Rhode Island has a “track” system for divorces. As a result, a divorce is either on the “Nominal Track” (such as simple divorce) or the “Contested Track.” The party filing the divorce first may choose either track from the beginning. If they choose the nominal track, the initial (hopefully only) hearing date will be about 11 weeks from filing.

Divorce Timeline

If they choose contested, then they will get a case status hearing date that will typically be 13 to 16 weeks from the date of filing. On the other hand, for nominal track cases, and if the Defendant has no disputes, the case may go forward as a “Nominal Hearing.” If so, you are finished with court, unless something else comes up before the Final Decree enters. However, if there is a dispute at the 11 week date, the case becomes “Contested”. And if this happens, the court will assign you a case status hearing date several weeks out.

So, assuming a nominal hearing, then the parties must then wait 90 days for the Final Decree to enter. Of course this occurs only if you filed your case under the grounds of “irreconcilable differences.” The other common grounds for divorce is “living separate and apart for the space of at least 3 years.” If you file this way, however, you will only need 20 days from the nominal date to enter the Final Decree.

Managing Expectation in Rhode Island Divorce

Although you may hope and believe your divorce is a simple divorce, it takes two to make it happen. Are you on the sample page as your spouse? Even tho parties who want an uncontested divorce can run into issues along the way.

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