Rhode Island Spousal Support Lawyer

If you are worried about your financial situation after divorce, Rhode Island courts have the ability to order alimony, also known as spousal support, under certain circumstances. An experienced family lawyer can ensure your rights are protected throughout the alimony process, which can be one of the most difficult parts of a divorce action. Many situations justify the payment of alimony and many do not. It takes an experienced divorce attorney to be able to counsel clients what to expect when alimony is an issue. At the Moyer Law, PC, we help clients throughout Warwick, Providence, and all of Rhode Island know what to expect when alimony is in question.

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Fighting for Your Rights

There are several way to approach alimony in a divorce, and every family deserves to find what best fits their needs. Whether you are in Cranston or East Greenwich, Wakefield or Foster, we help our clients understand their alimony options and come up with a plan that protects their rights and works for each party.

Our top divorce attorney will help you take whatever action is necessary in order to make sure these important issues are presented to the court in a persuasive and timely manner. Alimony issues will have long lasting consequences, and it is important to prepare the case the right way in order to succeed. Many times alimony can be offset or credited against other assets or liabilities. It takes an experienced matrimonial attorney to find creative solutions.

Our Goal is Your Best Interest

Our prime objective is to always insure that each and every client will enjoy a financial future to the optimum extent allowed by law after the impact of going through a divorce case. We can also help you with post judgment modifications when there has been a significant change to the financial situation of you or your former spouse.

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