RI Marital Equity Division

At the termination of a marriage the parties must divide the marital property acquired during that marriage. Often this process is simple. On other occasions, however, this process is complex.

In Rhode Island, most property acquired after the marriage is considered marital property. Property obtained prior to a marriage or by inheritance or gift is generally considered separate property. These concepts, while seemingly simple, can often be subject to interpretation and require an RI divorce attorney who is familiar with the legal intricacies to ensure your property is fairly divided.

We Have Years of Experience Handling Extensive and Complicated Marital Property Divisions

Complicated assets, tracing issues as the source of funds used to acquire the assets, business interests, professional practices, retirement plan benefits and personal investments are all issues that can arise making the process more difficult.

The attorneys at Moyer Law, PC will address these issues with the utmost care. It is essential to value businesses, pensions, residential and commercial real estate, household furnishings and jewelry. Our firm has years of experience handling extensive and complicated marital property divisions.

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