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RI Military Divorce Attorney

If you are in the military and seeking a divorce, trust your case to Attorney Don Moyer, member himself since 1990, has a thorough understanding of the unique issues that soldiers and sailors are facing. These issues affect the way Attorney Moyer pursues resolutions to any divorce or custody law matter that may arise.

When you are seeking a divorce within a military context, you must satisfy certain requirements. Though Rhode Island has specific laws that state how family law cases are to be handled and marital property divided, federal legislation can also dictate how many of these issues are dealt with. As an example, the Uniformed Services Former Spouses Protection Act (USFSPA) controls the computation and division of a service members military pension benefits.

Dividing Military Benefits

At Moyer Law, PC, we know not all military benefits must be divided. With our RI lawyer’s military experience, you can learn about the guidelines used to determined which pensions or benefits must be divided, and how they are divided. Our lawyer is completely familiar with these types of issues.

Child Issues

In addition to Rhode Island military divorce issues, Attorney Moyer confidently assist clients who are dealing with child custody issues. Relocation is a major issue for military families as they are often required to relocate as part of their job. Custody agreements need to be updated to factor in the relocation or deployment of a custodial parent, and Attorney Moyer can address this.

Many Other Issues

There are many other issues what military persons or their families must deal with differently than anyone else. Health insurance, housing allowances, disability, and residency requirements are just a few of them. Ensuring your divorce or child custody lawyer is familiar with all of these issues in critical to your success.

Email our RI military divorce lawyer, who can effectively advise you of your options. For the guidance you need, call us now.


Latest Client Testimonials & Blog Posts

  • Rhonda Bernatonis
    My trusted advisor

    Attorney Don Moyer has assisted me with very difficult dealings and has always had my best interests at heart. He's more then proven himself to be my trusted advisor. I would recommend him readily.
  • Ashley Cordeiro
    Always willing to assist

    I was beyond impressed with Don's professionalism, passion, and extensive knowledge of family law. Don is extremely confident and takes pride in his work. He has kept me informed through each aspect of my case. The staff at Moyer Law are dedicated and always willing to assist. I highly recommend Attorney Don Moyer for representation of any Family Court matters.
  • Hollie Kenyon
    I am extremely grateful

    Don Moyer is the absolute best! The moment I met him I knew he was the lawyer for me, he gave me such confidence in my case and assured me everything would work out. If it wasn't for Don, I wouldn't have my kids with me today, and for that alone I am extremely grateful. Thanks Don Moyer you are the best!
  • Paul Longo
    A fellow brother in arms

    Attorney Don Moyer is an experienced, very professional divorce attorney. I'm an active duty military officer living overseas for the past 5 years. No RI attorney would take my case... Mr. Moyer knew the law and appropriate statutes and efficiently solved my jurisdictional challenges. He expertly handled my divorce and did a tremendous job preserving my assets. I would hire Mr. Moyer again.

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