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Even the most amicable divorces and separations can still lead to arrangements that become untenable in future years. As jobs and other family dynamics change, your child custody and child support agreements may need to change with them.

At Moyer Law, PC, we recognize the undue stress you may be feeling if a court order that was supposed to improve the lives of you and your children is now operating to your detriment. We want to help you renegotiate the terms of your arrangement so your family can flourish.

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When to Seek Modifications

Though the court may have had the final say in a previous custody or support decision, you are not powerless in this situation. A modification to your arrangement can be made if there is a material change in your life that will have an impact on your child’s well-being.

Our Rhode Island divorce attorneys can serve as your fierce advocates and draft a request to the court that will rationally demonstrate the undeniable benefits of allowing your modifications.

You may be able to request modifications if:

  • One parent is moving to a new location
  • You have a new job with different working hours
  • There are changes to the child or parent’s physical or mental health
  • There are allegations of substance or child abuse

In addition to changes in the amount of time spent with the children, it is also fair to ask for the child support payments to be altered.

Lifestyle changes that ordinarily precede child support modifications include:

  • Change in the healthcare expenses of the child
  • New children born or adopted into the family
  • Cost of living adjustments
  • Job loss or salary reductions
  • Incarceration or serious medical impairment of one parent

If you are seeking modifications to alleviate your stress and better suit your current lifestyle, trust Moyer Law, PC to handle your case with dedication and professionalism.

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