Case Results

Over the years, the team at Moyer Law, PC has helped numerous families in Rhode Island find favorable resolutions to even the most complicated and contentious cases. We are dedicated to serving new clients with the high-quality representation we are known for. Read our past case results to see how our service has helped your friends and neighbors.

Obtained Permission to Relocate Child Relocation
After months of court disputes, depositions, and legal briefs, obtained permission of court for mother to relocate to another state with the 8 month old child in order for mom to complete her college education.
  • Successfully Completed Adoption Adoption
    Successfully completed adoption of young child by mom’s husband after lengthly litigation process involving dead-beat dad.
  • Dismissal of False Allegations by DCYF DCYF

    Obtained dismissal of false allegations by DCYF against father accused of sexual assault after nearly a year of complex litigation. Used key evidence to discredit accuser.

    Reunited mother with her child after convincing court that client was on the road to recovery, after prescription drug abuse relating to an injury sustained during military operations in Iraq.

  • Obtained Placement of Child for Father Child Custody

    After the introduction of expert testimony relating to mother’s mental health status, and hearing before the court obtained placement of minor child for father.

  • Obtaining Physical Custody of Young Daughter Child Custody

    Succeeded in obtaining physical custody of young daughter for father, who lives in RI. Mother and daughter and mother’s husband lived in New Mexico for years and recently moved to Oregon. Key testimony from our expert child psychologist convinced the court that the relocation was in the best interest of the child.

  • Successfully Challenged Alleged Abuse by Parents DCYF
    Successfully challenged finding by Rhode Island DCYF alleging abuse by parents after introducing key audio evidence that the teenager, not parents, caused his own injuries.
  • Adoption Rewarded Adoption
    After several days of trial, succeeded in terminating the rights of a father who had abandoned his young child, paving the way for an emotional and rewarding adoption.
  • Grandmother Awarded Physical Placement Child Child Custody
    Convinced court that maternal grandmother was in fact a “de facto parent”, and thus entitled to parental rights, after years of being the primary caregiver of her 10 year old grandson. Grandmother was awarded physical placement of the child.