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Never Mix Your Divorce with Social Media: Here’s Why
Never Mix Your Divorce with Social Media: Here’s Why

In today’s day and age, social media is the way to connect with friends, family members, coworkers, and people in your community. You probably get the majority of your news from social media, too. The convenience of instant connectivity to the world is too much to put aside. ...

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    • Contested Adoption in Rhode Island

      Adoptions in Rhode Island are of two broad types: they are either consented to, or they are contested adoptions. Consented to adoptions are just that: ...

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    • Considerations When Dividing Assets in Divorce

      So you have a house and pensions. Your spouse inherited money, and then there are the bank accounts and credit cards. How do you now divide assets in ...

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    • Virtual Visitation Can Help a Child-Parent Relationship

      Virtual visitation is quickly becoming a popular method for parents. In particular, it allows them to interact with their children on a daily basis ...

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    • Grandparent Visitation Rights in RI

      Last year about this time, we wrote about the state of the law in Rhode Island regarding the grandparent visitation rights in trying to maintain ...

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    • Legal Medical Marijuana and Parental Rights

      No one might have thought to ask the question posed by medical marijuana and parental rights years ago. Marijuana use for medical conditions wasn’t ...

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    • Child Support Guidelines Updated at RI Family Court

      Recently the Rhode Island Family Court updated its guidelines on calculating child support. This process occurs every 5 years or so and last change ...

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    • How to Get Child Support Modification

      Child support modification may be granted after one of three circumstances occur. In RI, child support is based on the parties income and available ...

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    • Creating an Effective Parenting Plan

      If you and your spouse, or the other parent of your children, are going through child custody, you will want to create an effective parenting plan. ...

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    • Shared Custody Best for Children

      A new study has found that shared custody arrangement in child custody cases are the best for the children involved. It found that having both parents ...

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    • Creating a Parenting Plan - Helpful Tips

      One of the most difficult things co-parents deal with today is consistency. From enforcing rules and disciplining your child to tolerating behavior. ...

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    • Never Mix Your Divorce with Social Media: Here’s Why

      In today’s day and age, social media is the way to connect with friends, family members, coworkers, and people in your community. You probably get the ...

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    • Divorce Privacy - Protect Your Privacy During Divorce

      In an argumentative divorce , many things can create stress and tension. Your ex might fight for a bigger share of marital assets or they may attempt ...

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    • How to Prepare for Gray Divorce in RI

      When you’re over 50 years old, marital separation has a special name: gray divorce. Although you may face several of the same issues as younger ...

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    • Raimondo Appoints New Family Court Judge

      Last spring, the Judicial Nominating commission forwarded Governor Gina Raimondo five finalists for the Family Court Judge position. Periodically the ...

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    • 'Prank' Videos on YouTube Cost Parents Child Custody

      A court placed two children whose father and stepmother had custody with their biological mother. Apparently, YouTube can cost parents child custody . ...

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    • Family Court Threatens to Send Child to Private School

      If Parents Can’t Parent Without a Mess, the Courts Step in We have talked in the past about the importance of trying to formulate a cooperative ...

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    • Interstate Custody Jurisdiction in Rhode Island

      Often, when one parent moves out of state and the other stays, issues of interstate custody jurisdiction arise. Specifically, when parents need to use ...

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    • RI Military Divorce Issues

      Many Rhode Islander’s or their significant others are either active duty military or in the Guard or Reserves. As a result, the impact of military ...

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    • Dividing Military Pensions in RI

      Military Pensions are a world into themselves when it comes to divorce . In addition to dealing with the rest of your Rhode Island divorce, knowing ...

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