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Rhode Island Divorce Attorney

Helping You Through Difficult Times

Moyer Law, PC is a full-service divorce firm in Warwick, Rhode Island providing personalized, professional service to clients across the state. Our legal team covers a wide range of family law matters, from divorce and separation to child custody and visitation.

Because we devote our practice exclusively to divorce and family law, you can be confident that our Rhode Island divorce lawyer is fighting for your best interests when you retain Moyer Law.

With more than 20 years of experience, Attorney Don Moyer has handled thousands of family law cases throughout the state. We will take the time to understand your goals, never losing sight of the fact that we are here to help you work toward a better future.

Dedicated to Superior Service
Client Testimonials

  • Very knowledgable, capable, trusting, and responsive attorney.

    “Attorney Don Moyer was the perfect choice for an uphill battle with DCYF. Don is a very knowledgable, capable, trusting, and responsive attorney. We knew as soon as we met Don that he would be a good fit and win our case. I would highly recommend using Attorney Moyer!”

    Jay M.

  • He is extremely knowledgeable, efficient and strategic which are detrimental when it comes to such an emotional journey.

    “My case with Don came to a successful end on 12/9 and I could not be more grateful and appreciative of the tremendous work he and his team have put in on my behalf. He is extremely knowledgeable, efficient and strategic which are detrimental when it comes to such an emotional journey. I would recommend him to any and everyone!”

    Mahia B.

  • I would HIGHLY recommend Don to anyone looking for a great divorce lawyer or help with any type of family issue.

    “Unfortunately, Don wasn't my first choice for a lawyer. I was looking for a divorce lawyer and was referred to a lawyer who I thought was great at first. After several meetings and four court cancellation and 12 months of getting a run around I was lucky enough to have been referred to Don's office. After meeting with Don I was able to fire my first lawyer. Don got right to work after I hired him. He and his staff went to work full force on my case. Within a week or two I had a new court date and within 3 months Don had me divorced. I would HIGHLY recommend Don to anyone looking for a great divorce lawyer or help with any type of family issue.”


  • Changed my life!

    “Changed my life. Help me get full custody of my child. Stood by my side to fight a system that felt against me.”

    Keon A.

  • The right man for the job

    “My marriage has been rocky since my youngest son was born. His mother and I have been separated numerous times over the past 8 years and about 3 years ago, we finalized the divorce after she relocated to RI. The divorce brought up numerous issues and my ex was granted placement of the children. During this time, their physical health, mental health, and academics declined severely. A few months after the divorce was finalized, my current wife and I decided that this can NOT continue, that something needed to be done, and began searching for an attorney. We contacted nearly a dozen or so and each one turned me down. No one would even look at my case. Then we stumbled across Don Moyer. He saw something the others didn’t and we started to build a case. A few months later, my youngest son became ill and had a BMI of 13.5. He was in the second percentile and at incredible risk for malnourishment or worse. Don jumped into action and filed an emergency petition and I contacted DCYF, but they threw away my initial report because I’m not a medical professional or educator. After a call to the supervisor, DCYF began an investigation. Don was in touch with them every step of the way. My ex-wife attended the emergency hearing without legal representation and was granted a 30-day continuance. After the 30 days, the judge scheduled a camera interview with the children. Nearly 6 weeks later, the children expressed to the judge a desire to live in Florida with dad. After the interview the judge saw no change of circumstance and was ready to make a decision. Don convinced her that she didn’t have all the facts and another court date was scheduled. After multiple extensions, continuances, and postponements the judge assigned the Guardian ad Litem from the divorce once again to investigate the situation. Don and I provided mountains of evidence, school reports, psychological evaluations, deposition forms, and notes to the Guardian. After several more delays, an emergency motion was filed and I was awarded placement of the children. Don stood by my side through thick and thin. He was not afraid to stand up for me and the children. One hearing in particular stands out. Opposing council was making statements for the record, leaving out key information in each statement. Don politely went to clarify multiple statements form opposing council and the stenographer snapped. Don Moyer is by far the best thing that happened to me and my family. Because of him, my children can finally have a chance to be happy and I am forever grateful.”

    Ryan S.

Honest & Straightforward Representation

Helping You Navigate Your Divorce with Ease

At Moyer Law, we know that filing for divorce in Rhode Island can be stressful, emotional, and overwhelming. Our goal is to bear the legal burden on your behalf so that you can focus on your family. You deserve comprehensive, high-quality representation that keeps your needs and goals in mind. Our Rhode Island divorce lawyers take the time to really get to know our clients so that we can provide personalized service and help them make informed decisions that are best-suited for their unique situations. To put it simply: we make your family’s well-being a priority.

  • Over 20 Years of Experience
  • Exclusive Focus on Family Law Litigation
  • Creative Solutions to Achieve the Best Possible Result
  • Honest and Knowledgeable Representation

Our Approach to Divorce Representation

At your initial meeting, we will walk you through the issues that often arise in divorce, ensuring you know where you stand and what to expect in your divorce. During your case, your attorney will actively ensure that you are kept informed at each stage of the legal process. To this end, our lawyer will continually conduct cost-benefit analysis assessments of various options you face in your divorce. We want you to make smart decisions – not costly, emotional ones. Because of this, we constantly assess your goals and the cost of trying to reach them.

Our divorce lawyer is prepared to aggressively and diligently represent you at trial – however, we will also take the time to see if a favorable negotiated settlement is possible. You are in charge of whether your path is one of settlement or litigation.

Our divorce and family law attorney in Warwick, RI is here to provide sensitive counsel and fight for your best interests. We are passionate about finding creative solutions that are tailored to your unique needs. Whether we negotiate a settlement out of court or take the route of litigation, you can rest assured that our dedicated legal team is here for you. Through every legal document, motion, or pleading we prepare, we are aggressively advocating for our clients’ best interests. Find out how Moyer Law, PC can assist you by giving us a call today.

We know that filing for divorce or working through a difficult family matter is never easy, which is why we work closely with our clients to guide them through the process from start to finish. Attorney Moyer can answer your questions and protect your rights during this difficult time, so please don't wait to call.

About Moyer Law, PC

Founded by Attorney Don P. Moyer, Moyer Law, PC is Rhode Island’s premier divorce and family law firm. We are focused exclusively on the practice of family law, extending our legal services to just about every type of family matter you could be facing.

Backed by decades of legal experience, our RI divorce lawyer can help you fight for effective and lasting solutions.

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