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Never Mix Your Divorce with Social Media: Here's Why
Never Mix Your Divorce with Social Media: Here's Why

In today’s day and age, social media is the way to connect with friends, family members, coworkers, and people in your community. You probably get the majority of your news from social media, too. The convenience of instant connectivity to the world is too much to put aside. ...

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  • Divorce Privacy - Protect Your Privacy During Divorce

    In an argumentative divorce, many things can create stress and tension. Your ex might fight for a bigger share of marital assets or they may attempt ...

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  • How to Prepare for Gray Divorce in RI

    When you’re over 50 years old, marital separation has a special name: gray divorce. Although you may face several of the same issues as younger ...

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  • For Men, Unemployment May Mean Divorce

    Financial pressures have long been cited as the pinnacle of marital downfall. In a recent study in the rise of divorce, male employment appears as a ...

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  • Been Served Divorce Papers - What Now?

    I’ve been served divorce papers. So what do I do now? As with nearly all major events of life, there are specific steps to follow in order to complete ...

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  • Pets Rights in a Divorce, Now at Least in Alaska

    Currently in Rhode Island courts and across the United States, a family court Judge can choose to consider pet wellbeing in a divorce case. In ...

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  • When Will My Divorce Be Final in RI?

    Answer: So, it depends on the grounds for divorce. Most people file their divorces in Rhode Island under the grounds for divorce of “irreconcilable ...

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  • Divorce for Adopted Children

    Divorce nearly always brings up considerable emotions and insecurities in children. The family unit they’ve known is no longer. They may feel that ...

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  • Children's Passport Issuance Alert Program

    This is the time of year when many divorced parents take their kids abroad for part of their winter break or vacation. Usually, these are happy ...

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  • How Long Does a Simple Divorce Take?

    Uncontested Divorce in RI Rhode Island has a “track” system for divorces. As a result, a divorce is either on the “Nominal Track” (such as simple ...

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