14 People wrote to us:
  1. I had another attorney on my divorce/custody/child support case, and it dragged out in court for over a year with no results. Frustrated…I turned to Moyer Law to see if he could help. Attorney Moyer listened to my concerns and knew exactly what needed to be done. I hired him and within two weeks of having my case, three major issues involving my children were resolved. I finally feel like someone has my back!! Thank you Don! I would highly recommend Attorney Moyer and his staff for any of your divorce or family court needs.

    October 9, 2017
  2. Changed my life. Help me get full custody of my child. Stood by my side to fight a system that felt against me.

    October 9, 2017
  3. Attorney Don Moyer is an outstanding family lawyer he has taken a number of cases for me with Superior results. I am very pleased with his performance his professionalism his integrity his honesty and his steadfast pursuit to get my desired results.

    Don Moyer is dedicated to his profession and I would recommend him to anybody.

    June 29, 2017
  4. Attorney Don Moyer is an excellent lawyer and I would highly recommend his services. Thank you Don!

    May 2, 2014
  5. I am very happy I found Don Moyer He is very professional and outgoing. The second i met Don I was very relaxed. Don has a aura of strength about him. I highly reccomend Don Moyer to others

    May 2, 2014
  6. Don Moyer represented me in a very contentious divorce case. Don kept me informed every step of way during this bumpy road, inspiring me with his knowledge and approach to family law. He took time to be sure that I was comfortable with all aspects and consequences of my case and when Don was unable to answer my calls his extremely efficient staff was always ready to assist me in anyway possible.. His confident and sincere desire to assist me in this matter led to a very POSITIVE OUTCOME!

    May 2, 2014
  7. Moyer law is a great firm with a great team. Don helped me out so much with my divorce and worked with my busy schedule see as I am active duty military. Whenever I had an issue they were quick to respond to my concern. Thank you so much for all that you did for me and what you do for others.

    May 2, 2014
  8. Mr. Moyer was definitely in my opinion a good lawyer for me. He took the time to hear my case fully. We had to start at the beginning to get temporary physical placement but from there he is a very thorough step by step guy. He dotted every “I” and crossed every “t”. He left nothing to chance and took care of everything, worked with me on everything, and was very understanding as well. We had to start out as I said before with just the temporary but he brought it all the way through to get me physical custody. Definitely a lawyer who was more than capable who did a great job.

    May 2, 2014
  9. I called Don after careful research on who could handle my complicated case. My divorce was completed in another state back in 2008. It was modified in that same state in 2011 to allow for relocation of myself and our three minor children. Unfortunately, things became complicated and he fell behind in child support, extracurriculars, and medical expenses. Other attorneys encouraged me to file back in the original state even though we are residents in RI. They were scared to touch the case. Their thought was this would have been more complicated and very costly.

    Don wasn’t phased and jumped right in to help me through it all. First with changing jurisdiction to RI, then with multiple petitions and then finally with recouping the arrearage. He was patient and showed his support through it all. We have been through three different judges and multiple setbacks, and yet he remained determined to see this through to the end. Interstate custody and child support issues are no joke and he handles it with ease.

    Then, when my new husband was faced with some complicated issues with his ex-wife, Don jumped in to assist us with those as well. He was able to diffuse a potentially disastrous situation and fight for my husbands rights when 4 other attorneys were unable to. After 5 years, my husband finally has an advocate for himself. Don truly is an advocate for father’s rights.

    Both my husband and I trust Don with our cases and can certainly attest to his expertise. Not only is he caring, but he will certainly go to battle for his clients. He has for us!

    May 2, 2014
  10. Don was thorough in his work. He was always present in court and was always willing to offer me legal advice when needed. I always felt like he treated me like an actual person instead of just another client. When dealing with emotional situations and stressful circumstances his diligence was more than appreciated.

    May 2, 2014
  11. Attorney Don Moyer was the perfect choice for an uphill battle with DCYF. Don is a very knowledgable, capable, trusting, and responsive attorney. We knew as soon as we met Don that he would be a good fit and win our case. I would highly recommend using Attorney Moyer!

    May 2, 2014
  12. Don Moyer helped me through my difficult divorce. Throughout the process he kept me informed and was always available to answer my questions. I would recommend Don Moyer and Moyer Law to my friends or anyone who needs someone who will fight in court for whats right.

    May 2, 2014
  13. Don recently represented me in my often complicated custody/divorce case. It was a pleasure to work with him and he made the process as simple as possible. He communicated when needed and made everything very clear to me.

    May 2, 2014
  14. Being the dad, I never thought I would have custody of my son. Don Moyer helped me fight and win, and now my son is safe and happy. Attorney Moyer did what it took to win for me. For that I’m grateful.

    May 2, 2014
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Client Testimonials

  • Rhonda Bernatonis
    My trusted advisor

    Attorney Don Moyer has assisted me with very difficult dealings and has always had my best interests at heart. He's more then proven himself to be my trusted advisor. I would recommend him readily.
  • Ashley Cordeiro
    Always willing to assist

    I was beyond impressed with Don's professionalism, passion, and extensive knowledge of family law. Don is extremely confident and takes pride in his work. He has kept me informed through each aspect of my case. The staff at Moyer Law are dedicated and always willing to assist. I highly recommend Attorney Don Moyer for representation of any Family Court matters.
  • Hollie Kenyon
    I am extremely grateful

    Don Moyer is the absolute best! The moment I met him I knew he was the lawyer for me, he gave me such confidence in my case and assured me everything would work out. If it wasn't for Don, I wouldn't have my kids with me today, and for that alone I am extremely grateful. Thanks Don Moyer you are the best!
  • Paul Longo
    A fellow brother in arms

    Attorney Don Moyer is an experienced, very professional divorce attorney. I'm an active duty military officer living overseas for the past 5 years. No RI attorney would take my case... Mr. Moyer knew the law and appropriate statutes and efficiently solved my jurisdictional challenges. He expertly handled my divorce and did a tremendous job preserving my assets. I would hire Mr. Moyer again.