How Co-Parents Can Help their Child Get the Most Out of Distance Learning


Addressing the Challenges and Changes Presented by COVID-19

While the early part of the year had parents asking when the world would return to normal, at this point in the pandemic, adults are instead finding ways to make the most of the situation and adapt to the new “normal.” COVID-19 has changed the format for children’s education, with little hope of it soon returning to the in-person teaching we once knew. During this transition, it’s important for parents to work to create structure for their children. For co-parents, effective collaboration is more necessary now than ever to ensure that your child can receive a proper learning experience wherever they’re staying.

School-Specific Workspace

It’s important that there are appropriate workspaces in both households the student will be in during weekdays. In order to allow your children a better chance to focus on their education while schooling from home, it’s important to have a dedicated quiet area where they can enter the headspace of being in class, be free from distractions, and have separation between school and home. Ensure they have a desk or table to sit at and consider transforming a spare room into their makeshift classroom to allow them the privacy and focus necessary to engage in virtual learning.

Creating a Routine

If your child’s schooling does not involve scheduled Zoom calls, will be important to create another form of structure in their school life.

Last year, your child was used to a life of waking and attending school, perhaps participating in extracurriculars, coming home to do homework and relaxing before going to bed. Try to incorporate some of these same elements into this years’ schedule as best you can to provide them with a sense of normalcy.

Set a time to wake up with your child every morning. Have a standard school start time, with planned breaks for lunch. Come to an agreement on the schedule with your co-parent to ensure it’s something you can both consistently follow to allow your child the continuity and structure they need.

Hybrid Learning and Returning to In-School Instruction

If your child is returning to school and traveling between two households, it is crucial that everyone involved continues safe health practices to minimize the risk of contamination and contraction of coronavirus.

All households should continue to clean and sanitize often. Wear a mask when leaving the house. Maintain safe practices so that beyond a structured and educational school year, it may be a safe and healthy one.

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