Virtual Visitation can help relationships

Virtual visitation is quickly becoming a popular method for parents to interact with their children on a daily basis when involved in a child custody arrangement. What exactly is virtual visitation and does it provide any benefits to the parent-child relationship? We will answer those two questions in today’s post.

Virtual visitation is defined as the use of digital programs and devices to communicate with others involved in a child custody agreement. For example, a father might video chat with a child prior to bedtime or after school. Or, a mother might send emails back and forth to a child during weekends where the child is with the other parent.

Virtual visitation offers a handful of benefits for the parent-child relationship. These benefits include the following:

  • Ability to help with homework or a project
  • Can read a bedtime story via video chat
  • Watch a child in a recital or sporting event
  • Child can show off an award, lost tooth or other accomplishment
  • Ability for both parent and child to share a smile or a laugh

There are still those who don’t see eye to eye with virtual visitation. It is viewed by some as a replacement for in-person connections. But, for most parents who don’t have custody, it’s an option to discuss when putting together a parenting plan in a custody agreement.

If you are headed for a child custody battle in Warwick, consider broaching the subject of virtual visitation as part of your agreement. Visit our site to learn more about child custody and how an attorney can help your situation.

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