For Men, Unemployment May Mean Divorce

Financial pressures have long been cited as the pinnacle of marital downfall. In a recent study in the rise of divorce, male employment appears as a large factor. A study of 6300 heterosexual couples and found that men who were not working full-time were 33% more likely to divorce than those with full-time jobs.” Unemployment and divorce are issues for men. Contemporary husbands face higher risk of divorce when they do not fulfill the stereotypical breadwinner role, by being employed full-time.” said Alexandra Killewald a sociology professor at Harvard University.

Unemployment and Divorce

When finances are stable in a home, couples tend to spend more on travel and bonding activities. In contrast, when finances are not stable, the focus is then continually on finances and tension in the home.

Recently records show that women initiate two-thirds of today’s divorces. When comparing this statistic with the correlation in the up rise of divorce, there is a theory that more woman today have more financial independence than years past. Woman feel more independent and less reliance on their spouse or marriage for financial stability.

Killewald states “We talk a lot about the changes in women’s experience, but we haven’t done a lot of thinking about what it would be like for men to have a similar expansion in the ways they do masculinity.” It is time we encourage a wider view for the husbands’ role in the household.

Child Support, Alimony Also an Issue

Of course if a parent does not have a job, this will also effect their ability to pay child support. And this, in turn, puts more pressure on the parent with income. Obviously, its best when both parents do work.

And a parent who is not working may also be in need of alimony support from their spouse.

Source: “Men without full-time jobs are 33% more likely to Divorce” July 27, 2016.

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