Virtual Visitation Can Help a Child-Parent Relationship

Virtual visitation is quickly becoming a popular method for parents. In particular, it allows them to interact with their children on a daily basis when involved in a child custody arrangement. So, what exactly is it and does it provide any benefits to the parent-child relationship? We will answer those two questions in today’s post.

Virtual visitation is the use of digital programs and devices to communicate with others involved in a child custody agreement. For example, a father might video chat with a child before bedtime or after school. Or, a mother might send emails back and forth to a child during weekends where the child is with the other parent.

Benefits of Virtual Visitation

Virtual visitation offers a handful of benefits for the parent-child relationship. These benefits include the following:

  • Ability to help with homework or a project
  • Can read a bedtime story via video chat
  • Watch a child in a recital or sporting event
  • Child can show off an award, lost tooth or other accomplishments
  • Ability for both parent and child to share a smile or a laugh

There are still those who don’t see eye to eye with virtual visitation. Of course, some view it as a replacement for in-person connections. But, for most parents who don’t have custody, it’s an option to discuss when putting together a parenting plan in a custody agreement.

If you are facing for a child custody battle in Warwick, consider broaching the subject as part of your agreement. Contact our child custody attorneys today at (401) 305-2934 to get started.

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