When Will My Divorce Be Final in RI?

Answer: So, it depends on the grounds for divorce.

Most people file their divorces in Rhode Island under the grounds for divorce of “irreconcilable differences.” Divorces granted under this method become eligible for the filing of the final decree after 90 days from the final divorce hearing date, usually known as a “nominal divorce hearing.” If you filed your case under the “living separate and apart for 3 years” grounds, then you can file your final decree 20 days after you have entered the “interlocutory decree”. And you can file that “interlocutory decree” (but not always) right after the divorce hearing. So the key to speed for this is to enter the interlocutory decree quickly to start the clock.

The time it takes for your divorce to finish depends on a variety of factors. The “grounds” for divorce is but one of them, which can affect the time to file the final decree after you have had your final hearing.

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