Divorce Mistakes You Should Avoid


Although no two divorces are identical, there are some missteps everyone should avoid while going through the process. Oftentimes, many of the mistakes made while spouses dissolve their marriage can cost time, and money, and result in added heartache. Since these errors are generally preventable, it is wise to do what you can to understand what you must do to avoid them. We put together a list of common divorce mistakes to get you started.

Costly Divorce Mistakes

Getting a divorce will inevitably be somewhat challenging or emotionally taxing. However, you and your spouse can make the situation easier by avoiding some of the most common mistakes. The smoother this experience goes, the fewer pieces you will have to pick up and rebuild once it is over.

Give yourself the best possible start at a new life by avoiding these mistakes:

  1. Allowing your emotions to motivate your actions: Emotions are a powerful thing, especially during a contentious divorce process, but you should not allow yours to dictate your decisions. The choices you make during your divorce must be backed by sound legal advice and an understanding of the consequences your actions may have.
  1. Not thinking of your children: With so much on your plate, you might completely fail to think of the impact certain actions may have on your children. If you are attempting to exact revenge on your spouse through family court, reconsider it. Otherwise, your children might be the ones who suffer the most in the long run.
  1. Neglecting the tax consequences: If you are preoccupied with trying to secure as much marital property and assets as possible, you are probably not thinking about the tax consequences this fixation on winning will have. Transferring large sums of money or property can have a profound impact on your taxes, so make sure you understand them and are prepared to handle the financial implications.
  1. Refusing to compromise: If you are fighting tooth and nail for everything, you are doing yourself and your family a disservice. Not only will this stretch out the divorce process, but it will increase legal fees and likely result in plenty of headaches. If something is truly important to you, fight for it. However, be willing to make sacrifices on lesser priorities.
  1. Dwelling on the past: All the problems that led up to your divorce are in the past and, although you should find ways to healthily cope with these issues, you should not let them become the focus of your divorce. Focusing on the future you are working toward will help you make better decisions.

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