A little advanced reading can help you to protect your children, relationships, and assets. Preparing in advance can save you money and stress. The articles and tips here in the Moyer Law, PC, site will help you anticipate and understand some of the very complex and emotional issues faced by you at this time during your divorce, custody, or other family law matter.

Family law cases are very complex, so be warned. The information provided here is not intended as legal advice. Each case is different, and your case is worth reaching out to an experienced attorney.

POST HILIDAY DIVORCE SURVIVAL TIPS Holidays can heighten the pain of a divorce, yet despite this we divorce lawyers all anticipate the annual post-holiday surge in divorce filings. Here are some useful tips to try to survive the post-holiday season during a divorce: 1. Keep the peace. Keep things calm. Flaring up emotions during this…

SHARED CUSTODY BEST FOR CHILDREN: STUDY A new study has found that shared custody arrangement in child custody cases are the best for the children involved. It found that having both parents in a child’s life increases the likelihood of a child having a happy and healthy life after a divorce. A team of researchers…

When will my divorce be final? Answer: So, it depends on the grounds for divorce. Most people file their divorces in Rhode Island under the grounds for divorce of “irreconcilable differences.” Divorces granted under this method become eligible for filing of the final decree after 90 days from the final divorce hearing date, usually known as a…

RAIMONDO APPOINTS NEW FAMILY COURT JUDGE Last spring the Judicial Nominating commission forwarded Governor Gina Raimondo five finalists for the Family Court Judge position. Periodically the Governor appoints a new family court judge. Upon the upcoming return of the General Assembly on September 19th, Raimondo appointed the current Family Court magistrate Felix “Feidlim” Gill to…

TIPS FOR WHEN EX HAS THE KIDS Shared custody may be fair, but it’s emotionally trying. You know that your ex deserves some time with the kids, but you don’t know what to do with yourself when they spend the week at his or her house. Your home just feels so empty when ex has…

WHAT ARE THE PSYCHOLOGICAL EFFECTS OF CHILD CUSTODY SCHEDULES? While a divorce can be very difficult for the adults, it can cause problems for any children in the mix. The psychological effects of child custody on children can be significant. Understanding what impacts the different types of custody have on children can help you create a…

ALCOHOLISM AND CHILD CUSTODY DON’T MIX WELL HOW DOES ALCOHOLISM AFFECT YOUR CHILD CUSTODY CASE? Could you lose custody of your children over a drinking problem? Alcoholism and child custody don’t mix well. If you’re in the middle of a divorce or are already divorce but have shared physical custody, alcohol addiction can become a significant…

APPEARANCE IN COURT MATTERS After 20 years of practice, I think I’ve seen it all. What you wear to court DOES make a difference. Remember, most of the time the judge hearing your case will not remember who you are, so even if its not, think of this as a chance for first impressions. So,…

CAN CHILD CUSTODY EVALUATIONS HARM YOUR CHILD? When a couple with children divorces or separates, the court may actually order child-custody evaluations in order to find what experts believe are the best living, time-sharing and decision-making arrangements for the child. However, according to one psychologist, these evaluations may be doing more harm than good. So,…

5 STEPS BEFORE CHILD CUSTODY MEDIATION There’s no easy way to address the issue of child custody when you’re going through a divorce. As parents, you’re no longer going to live together and your children can’t be in two places at once. Unless one parent has exclusive physical custody of the children, which is extremely…

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Every divorce can be painful in its own way, but the right divorce lawyer can help ensure that you feel prepared for this difficult process. Careful and considerate guidance is imperative throughout the entirety of the divorce process. Attorney Don Moyer provides the care and attention you deserve. Let our RI divorce lawyers give you the backing you need for your Rhode Island divorce.



Nothing is more important that your children. You look out for their best interest, and you deserve a custody lawyer who will fight for your parental rights. Child custody can be the most contentious issue in any family court action. Attorney Don Moyer has the experience you need to protect your parental rights. Let our RI child custody lawyer help secure the custody resolution best for you.



There are many family law issues that military persons or their families must deal with differently than anyone else. Ensure you are protected by contacting a lawyer who understands the complexity military service may impart on your family or divorce matter. Attorney Don Moyer has served in the armed forces, and has over 20 years experience effectively representing military families.

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Don also spent a number of years in the U.S. Army Infantry, including spending a year in the Bosnia, Croatia, Hungary region of Europe in a special operations unit in the immediate aftermath of the Bosnian conflict in 1996-97.

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