Experts You Might Need During the Divorce Process


Divorce can be a complex legal process and, much like in a personal injury or criminal case, expert witness testimony is necessary for resolving disputes. A vast range of experts, such as child psychologists or accountants, can have a profound impact on the outcome of a divorce settlement. Therefore, it is crucial to work with a law firm that has access to these invaluable resources, so you can have the best possible chance of success.

Different Types of Experts Who Can Assist You

Generally, expert witnesses are only necessary when spouses cannot reach an agreement on their own and must go through the litigation process. For example, if you cannot agree on child custody, a child therapist might provide the testimony you need to support the arrangement you are seeking.

Below are some of the various experts you might need during divorce litigation:

  • Child therapists or psychologists: If you are involved in a highly contested child custody case, a child psychologist can evaluate your children and provide testimony regarding the living environment that would best support their best interests.
  • Real estate or property experts: Determining the value of property can be tricky, especially in a high-asset case. Whether you need to assess the value of antique furniture or your home, these experts can help ensure the value of your assets is as accurate as possible.
  • Accountants: Divorce can get a little ugly at times. If you suspect your spouse is hiding assets, an accountant can help uncover the truth and ensure you secure your fair share of marital assets. Accountants and other financial experts are especially helpful for those who were not involved in managing their household’s finances.
  • Vocational experts: These experts are generally used in cases when a spouse remained in the home to care for a family while the other pursued a career. The testimony of a vocational expert can impact the length and amount of alimony a spouse should receive.

If you have a particularly contentious or complex divorce case, you might need the assistance of one or all of these experts.

Discuss Your Divorce Case with an Experienced Family Law Attorney Today!

If you recently decided to move forward with a divorce, you will need skilled legal assistance on your side and the support of a variety of experts to provide crucial evidence for your case. At Moyer Law, PC, our law firm has access to numerous resources and will ensure you receive all the assistance you need to strengthen your case and achieve the results that best serve your family’s interests. Our attorney has the experience, compassion, and insight necessary to represent you and is committed to providing fierce legal advocacy and straightforward advice. You should not have to go through this difficult experience on your own.

Get started on your divorce case today and reach out to Moyer Law, PC at (401) 305-2934 to set up a consultation and discuss your case with our knowledgeable family law attorney.

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